This document was transcribed (using OCR) from a three-page, undated, typewritten letter from Gregory Pickup to Hibiscus. The irregular punctuation and grammar are preserved for their flavor.





TELEPHONE 621-1232

My dear Hibiscus ;

Finally the film is compleat/ I think it is a beaultiful rendition of the year we spent together. , and gone are all the down Black and White Morrissy perverse, I was so enamoured of.…….. It's just colour for dazeeeeeeeeeeeeee……. We have spent the whole summer re-cutting it after conferring with David Wise as to his thoughts of it's architecture. Certainly it has been a long haul since Good Friday. 1971; when you phoned me and told me of your crucifixion: And would I film youe, oh yessssssssss, yes and a dozen more for some substance more than agony, some cenematic celebration/ and Servais was the cameraman that day, blistered, with your white robes in the water, possesed,of an immense hard on. / a sexual crucifixion!….. it is only a movie do not despair. ..…how could you posibly anticipate that this documentre would never be compleated; it is after all about you and so necessarilly a great measure in an accurate portrayal , but that to my best endevour is what we have accomplished. .

Country Joe has done the most beautiful guitar instrumentals to accompany the Crucifixion. He plays Section 44 and 45 , TRICKS, and the instrumental version and 'you fucked over me as bad as I fucked over you'. He reallybadded and imbibed to the spiret. The Red Spike Secretary scene now opens the picture with no title overlay, just Joe singing 'TRICKS IS MADE FOR KIDE ' over it……. and little Annie Fannie astuck in the type writer, a real spoof with glitter clogging the unfortunate machine.

Allen comes accross really well despite obvious vocal limit- ations, we cut him with your last night busby formations, the alace of Fine Arts and myriad others……………… especially of which stands out is My thing at the Poets Theatre in alternate phosphorous blue and red as the picture turns from negative to positive and back….. devine Old shots of Marlene from the Blue Angel, cut in with the cabarets, don't know what will happen with Paramount they may have kittens, but then what's life without a little scuffle…… Even with the combined talents of Country Joe and his All Starr Band and Warren Leslie and Big Brother just before they folded, I still had to steal absoluty y bedazzling

tunes from the thirties, Love for Sale etc. I'm listening to Coming Down Again, the Stones' new album, It seems sometimes that they were always the background score we performed to: First at the Palace, then on the way to the Crucifixion, and again on the way to Seattle, but that was all Sticky Fingers some heavenly shots of you at the Starlight basement, with the Whiz Kidz. ...I'm nostalgic

for that show it being the only one I was in with you; and the cops stopped us enroute home and threw Zero in jail for no liscence and wouldn't recognise me through my Cal.. drivers liscence, I guess it was the magenta eye shadow. but then Seattle always was that way.

Saw your spread in After Dark, August 73, which I thought was rather good going..the description of the loft as the Black Panther Headquarters being the best...REALLY JACK!!!!!

Saw the Dolls the other night but was thrownoff stage and my film absconded by some malicious guard.....such is life.

Heard from Miguel that you were in Crete, incedently he has just redone Supercock for the sound track......

I guess you are doing your week of Shows in London now. I hope David is with you and together you can talk and remove any clouds obstructing our friendship.

For in essence the film is a sorts of poetic journal of a kind rarely conceived. Let there be no idea this film was anything but a mistake of persistence. A lark that became little. then a lot, finally overtaking and obseccing me.. in it's final form it is my vision of you and your celebration of our condition. I have in a painfully personal way, constructed a collage that you should never belittle for you were it's creator.

'Do I sound serious? It is one thing I have strived to strip this work of. I want only to communicate the ambulance of spiret, to suffuse the energy of the film with the audience. Thus we have spent an inordinate time editing and on the sound track……………………

How was Amsterdam and Germany with Bejart. It all sounds so fabulous sitting in old San Narcisco town…. while everyone gads about on myriad persuits; well maybe I'll see you soon and your latest transformation. Saw Jimmy the other day whose doing an article for Ramparts, The Third Sex. I think you will be on the cover.

Everything should be out in a month if nothing goes wrong and it always does.


My Love to you, always and ever


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